Breakfast & Lunch Prices 2022-2023
Breakfast                                                        Lunch
Paid: $1.50                                                      Patterson & BIS: $3.00
Reduced: $0.30                                              Highland: $3.25
                                                                          High School: $3.50                  
                                                                            Reduced: $0.40



Contact Information 
Food Service Director: Cherie Fleischman
Phone: 724-846-6600 ext 1016

Food Service Secretary: Shelley Horton
Phone: 724-846-6600 ext 2011

2022-2023 Free & Reduced Info

Lunch Account

Helpful Info

All student account balances automatically carryover into the next school year. If you child is graduating and you would like a refund or to transfer the balance to a sibling’s account please contact the Food Service Office at 724-846-6600 ext. 1016 or ext. 2011 ask for Cherie or Shelley.

Food Service Info

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