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Websites and Apps You Can Use During the Distance Learning Period
First - We may all need coping skills as we go through this, but especially for your child.  Tips and activities to help your child cope with Coronavirus.
 A Social Story that can help your child with Coronavirus explanations:
Android Apps for Counseling for your phone and tablet (Remember, check all apps and download at your own risk):
Calm - Meditate, Sleep and Relax - for all ages to calm and relax if upset. 
Smiling Mind - Meant for all ages, the app states that is for "Modern Meditation".  
AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety and Stress Relief Game- Over 36 games to relieve your child's stress.
Children's Bedtime Meditations for Sleep and Calm-  Ways to calm your child so they can go to sleep, with music and sounds.  In app purchases 
Booster Buddy - Appropriate for 3rd grade and up, this app checks on how you are doing with feelings and offers ideas to feel better
 Feelings - Emotional Growth- Very popular app for PreK-1st Grade with feelings identification.
Figure Me Feelings- What do you get when you mix Feelings and Wheel of Fortune without the wheel?  This game that helps with feeling words.
Strong Minds- Fun wellness tools for kids (3rd and 4th grades) and young adults.  Nice website to help with feelings and self-esteem.
Kids Learn Professions- Career games to learn about jobs. 
Learn Professions Occupations- Same as above with virtual flashcards to help learn jobs.
Professions for  Kids- Meant for preK to 1st grade careers, also has cognitive games on app.
IPAD and IPHONE apps (Again, download at your own risk): 
Social Situations:
Social Stories -  Various Social Stories for different situations that can help your child cope.
Emotions - Students learn about Feeling words with faces and build their vocabulary. 
The Electric Company - Feel Electric  - Feeling vocabulary and activities with the New Electric Company Gang