The August Board Meetings will be held virtually.  Click the following link to go to the School Board webpage for instructions on how to attend the meeting.   

Blackhawk High School

Fall Update Meeting: Families

If you would like to watch the Fall Update video from Thursday, August 6th, please click here.


Due to Covid 19 concerns, the high school building remains closed to the public at this time.  Office visits are scheduled by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call the High School office at 724-846-9600, Option #1 or Guidance office at 724-846-9600 Option #2 to schedule an appointment to conduct necessary business.
Offices are staffed and phones answered during the hours of 8 AM and 2 PM during the summer.
If you are in need of any of the items below, we have provided links where the necessary information/forms can be located:
 (805) 608-5219(805) 608-5219
This number is for NON-EMERGENCY calls. If you have an emergency, call 911. 
In an ongoing effort to promote a safe learning environment, the district is providing the community with an anonymous tip line phone number. The purpose of the tip line is to allow the community the ability to share information anonymously regarding issues that may put others’ safety in danger.  Community members can report information about drugs, weapons, alcohol, violence or any threat to safety.  While this can be done anonymously, the more information given (including one’s name), the greater the ability the district has to do a complete investigation and resolve the situation quickly. 



Parking Applications for 2020-21 Now Available!

In keeping with the Covid19 restrictions, applications will be processed in the following manner:

1. Completed form, copy of license, and a check made payable to “BHS” must be mailed to the high school.
2. Once the application has been processed, the tag will be returned to you via mail.

We will ONLY accept applications IN-PERSON from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon in the Back-Auditorium Lobby, Entrance #7, on August 18, 20, and 27.  You will need to bring completed form, copy of license, and payment.




buy your HS yearbook

Coronavirus Can't Stop the Yearbook!

Coronavirus Can't Stop the Yearbook

You can still order the BHS 2020 Yearbook.
You can still order a senior baby ad.
And we'd love you to share some pictures of BHS students during the Coronavirus Quarantine.
(Part-time jobs, online learning, masks, social distancing ...)

Click here to do all three:

BHS Yearbook Staff
(Questions? Email


Emergency Assistance for Low-Income Families
For anyone struggling with thoughts of self harm, thoughts of suicide, or struggling with mental health, especially during this period of social distancing, there is a number that anyone can text 24 hours a day to speak with someone. The number is 741 741.
If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, accessing free childcare, or other essential services, please click:
Teacher/staff Contact Information

Teacher/staff Contact Information

If you would like to contact a staff member at Blackhawk High School, please follow these directions.    More +
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