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Welcome to the School Counseling page!

The Patterson Primary School Counseling program is there to help students and parents when they have problems or concerns that distract from the student's learning in class.  Mr. Abel is the School Counselor, and has been at Patterson for 23 years.  That experience helps Mr. Abel when he is running groups dealing with self-esteem, divorce, good choices, controlling anxiety or anger management, meeting with students 1 on 1, or in classroom lessons.  If you have any questions about the School Counseling program, please contact Mr. Abel @[email protected]

Apps and Websites That You Can Use During Distance Learning Time.

First - We may all need coping skills as we go through this, but especially for your child.  Tips and activities to help your child cope with Coronavirus.
 A Social Story that can help your child with Coronavirus explanations:
Android Apps for Counseling for your phone and tablet (Remember, check all apps and download at your own risk):
Calm - Meditate, Sleep and Relax - for all ages to calm and relax if upset. 
Smiling Mind - Meant for all ages, the app states that is for "Modern Meditation".  
AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety and Stress Relief Game- Over 36 games to relieve your child's stress.
Children's Bedtime Meditations for Sleep and Calm-  Ways to calm your child so they can go to sleep, with music and sounds.  In app purchases 
Booster Buddy - Appropriate for 3rd grade and up, this app checks on how you are doing with feelings and offers ideas to feel better
 Feelings - Emotional Growth- Very popular app for PreK-1st Grade with feelings identification.
Figure Me Feelings- What do you get when you mix Feelings and Wheel of Fortune without the wheel?  This game that helps with feeling words.
Strong Minds- Fun wellness tools for kids (3rd and 4th grades) and young adults.  Nice website to help with feelings and self-esteem.
Kids Learn Professions- Career games to learn about jobs. 
Learn Professions Occupations- Same as above with virtual flashcards to help learn jobs.
Professions for  Kids- Meant for preK to 1st grade careers, also has cognitive games on app.
IPAD and IPHONE apps (Again, download at your own risk): 
Social Situations:
Social Stories -  Various Social Stories for different situations that can help your child cope.
Emotions - Students learn about Feeling words with faces and build their vocabulary. 
The Electric Company - Feel Electric  - Feeling vocabulary and activities with the New Electric Company Gang 
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