Superintendent Search
Dear Blackhawk Community and Staff,

Your local school board is about to launch a school superintendent search, and I have been selected to lead the effort.

My name is Dr. Edward Albert, former educator and school superintendent now serving as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools.  I am eager to get acquainted with as many of you as I can during this process because your input will have a crucial impact on the school board’s ultimate hiring decision.

I have created three activities for school and community involvement. My first priority is visiting schools (a date will be given shortly) to talk with staff. Next, I have planned a community night on to hear more about your interests and requirements for the next superintendent.

If you are unable to attend, you still have the opportunity to contribute. I have created an online survey to collect your thoughts and opinions. The survey will be accessible on the district website until October 31. I hope many of you will take the time to weigh in. We need to hear from you.

I look forward to conducting this search and working toward the ultimate goal of identifying the best candidate for your district.

First Grade - Art

First Grade Art Lesson Week of May 26

For this weeks Lesson we are going to learn about Beatrix Potter.  This is a picture of her with her rabbit. Beatrix loved animals and would observe them and then draw them.  She is famous for her drawings in children's books like Peter Rabbit.  This is an illustration of Peter rabbit.  To see the video about her and to draw with me click on the drawing of Peter Rabbit.

First Grade Art Week of May 18

Lines are important because they are used to create shape, pattern, texture, space, and movement.  This is a drawing of a cube using line. We have drawn and added value to a circle in order to make it into a sphere before. Now we are going to use line to do the same thing but in a different way.  The lines fool your eyes so that the shape looks like a sphere not just a circle.Today you can watch the video and see how we can use lines to make a sphere.  Click on the word "SPHERE" below to see the video.  You can send any photos of art work you make to [email protected] I would love to see them!

First Grade Week of May 11

Get a pencil and paper and you can draw along with me as we draw a picture of a mouse.  You can add color if you like with any materials you have at home.  Click the word"MICE" to see the video.  When you are finished you can email me a picture of your drawing at [email protected] 

First Grade Art Lesson Week of May 4

John Gould is an artist that makes drawings and paintings of birds. 
We are going to make a drawing of a
bird called a Robin. 
These are a few of his paintings of birds.  
Click on the word Robin to draw your own Robin.

First Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27

This is an artist who pants using lots of pattern and color.
See her video below to draw your own art work like her.
First Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27 Video


<video controls id="62c3b62b-fb27-4d9d-9dc4-db69a4a65f30" class="video-js vjs-default-skin vjs-big-play-centered video-js-fullscreen" preload="metadata" poster="" data-setup='{ "autoplay": false, "controls": true, "muted": false, "loop": false, "loadingSpinner": false, "fluid": true, "techOrder": ["html5","flash"], "ga": {"eventsToTrack": ["start"]} }'> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <p class="vjs-no-js">To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that <a href="" target="_blank" ">supports HTML5 video</a></p> </video>

First Grade Art Lesson Week of April 20

This week we are going to learn about the sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh.  He is famous for his impressionist paintings.  You can watch a video about him and draw with me by clicking the 

First Grade Lesson #1

First Grade Lesson #1 2020323103219330_image.jpg
Whenever I see the art work of Keith Haring it makes me feel like I want to dance.  Keith Haring is an artist that was born in Pennsylvania but the other side of the state.  He was born in a small town called Kutztown, PA.  That is the town where Mrs. Murtha went to college.  He is known for his simple drawings that he sometimes drew in public places so that everyone could enjoy them.
Andy Warhol is another famous artist from Pennsylvania.  He was born in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is famous for his art work of everyday objects like soup cans.  
To Paint like the artist Andy Warhol click on the word "Andy" below.
To learn and do activities about the artist Keith Haring click on the word "Keith" below. This site uses flash if you can't use flash explore the link that says "Haring"
There are optional activities on my webpage to do also. 
View text-based website