Second Grade - Art

Second Grade Art Week of May 26

This week we are going to learn about the sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh.  He is famous for his impressionist paintings.  You can watch a video about him and draw with me by clicking the 

Second Grade Art Week of May 18

This week we are going to learn about Bridget Riley and her Op Art. Op Art creates an optical illusion or makes your brain see something that really isn't there.  Then you will see how to make a quick optical illusion of your own using pencil and paper. Click on the word "Op Art" below to see the video.  You can always send me a photo of your art work at [email protected] .  I would love to see them!

Second Grade Art Lesson Week of May 11

John Gould is an artist that makes drawings and paintings of birds. 
We are going to make a drawing of a
bird called a Robin. 
These are a few of his paintings of birds.  
Click on the word Robin to draw your own Robin.

Second Grade Art Week of May 4

Many artists love their cats.  One artist made 40 art works of their cat to remember their cat.  Andy Warhol famously had 25 cats that he named Sam.  Cats can be found in many art works. You can discover more about cats in art and draw your own cats by looking at the video by clicking the word CATS below the Cats in a Barber Shop art work.

Second Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27

This is the artist Carole Clark.  She makes brightly colored paintings of different things.
Some of these things are birds, people, and dogs.
Watch the video below the painting of the dog to make a dog drawing like her. 
Second Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27 Video


<video controls id="268d8b73-b21f-47cd-bcc2-7235240469b9" class="video-js vjs-default-skin vjs-big-play-centered video-js-fullscreen" preload="metadata" poster="" data-setup='{ "autoplay": false, "controls": true, "muted": false, "loop": false, "loadingSpinner": false, "fluid": true, "techOrder": ["html5","flash"], "ga": {"eventsToTrack": ["start"]} }'> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <p class="vjs-no-js">To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that <a href="" target="_blank" ">supports HTML5 video</a></p> </video>

Second Grade Art Lesson Week of April 20

For this weeks Lesson we are going to learn about Beatrix Potter.  This is a picture of her with her rabbit. Beatrix loved animals and would observe them and then draw them.  She is famous for her drawings in children's books like Peter Rabbit.  This is an illustration of Peter rabbit.  To see the video about her and to draw with me click on the drawing of Peter Rabbit.

Second Grade Lesson #1

Second Grade Lesson #1 202032311122923_image.png
Yes! I am allergic to stick people.  I am only usually allergic to the ones made by people.  But just in case I made sure to take my allergy medicine.  On the the stickman webpage you can do lots of fun activities with a stickman.  Click on the word "Stickman" below to do activities drawing, etc. with a stickman.  
 There are additional activities on my main webpage.
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