Kindergarten - Art

Kindergarten Art Lesson Week of May 26

Many artists love their cats.  One artist made 40 art works of their cat to remember their cat.  Andy Warhol famously had 25 cats that he named Sam.  Cats can be found in many art works. You can discover more about cats in art and draw your own cats by looking at the video by clicking the word CATS below the Cats in a Barber Shop art work.

Kindergarten Art Lesson the Week of May 18

For this weeks Lesson we are going to learn about Beatrix Potter.  This is a picture of her with her rabbit. Beatrix loved animals and would observe them and then draw them.  She is famous for her drawings in children's books like Peter Rabbit.  This is an illustration of Peter rabbit.  To see the video about her and to draw with me click on the drawing of Peter Rabbit.

Kindergarten Art Lesson the Week of May 11

This is an artist who pants using lots of pattern and color.
See her video below to draw your own art work like her. To see the video click on the word "BIRD" below.

Kindergarten Art Lesson Week of May 4

This week we are going to learn about the sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh.  He is famous for his impressionist paintings.  You can watch a video about him and draw with me by clicking the 

Kindergarten Lesson Week of April 27

John Gould is an artist that makes drawings and paintings of birds. 
We are going to make a drawing of a
bird called a Robin. 
These are a few of his paintings of birds.   
Click on the word Robin to draw your own Robin.

Kindergarten Lesson Week of April 20

Get a pencil and paper and you can draw along with me as we draw a picture of a mouse.  You can add color if you like with any materials you have at home.  Click the word"MICE" to see the video.  When you are finished you can email me a picture of your drawing at [email protected] 

Kindergarten Lesson #3

Click on the word "OWL" to see Mrs. Effert and her video on how to draw an owl.
Life is a work of art make yours colorful. - Maya Angelo
This week kindergarten teachers are giving you activities to do that are using rainbows.  This an optional extra activity. 
Rainbows are important in art.  The help us to add color to life.  The help us to learn how to create color.  One way to remmber the order of the colors on a rainbow is to think of ROYGBIV
Each letter of this word stands for a color of the rainbow. 
Indigo (What is Indigo? - A color between blue and violet)
 An extra fun activity to do is to make your own rainbow under a cloud. Like this.....
Cut a cloud out of white paper.Cut 2 hearts out of each color of the rainbow in construction paper. Tape, staple, or glue these around a piece of thread or string.Send me a JPEG picture of you with what you made.  Make sure to include your name and anything you would like to tell me about making the project.  My email is [email protected] 

Kindergarten Class Assignment #1

Kindergarten Class Assignment #1 2020323101129721_image.png
This painting is a lot less messy then the type we usually do in the art room.   
Paint a picture of a bunny by clicking on the word "paint"below.  Paint a picture of a spider (ewhh gross!) using symmetry (the same on both sides) by clicking on the word "same" below.  If you would like I also have art challenges posted to my main web page.

Kindergarten Art Lesson Week of May 11

Weaving is making something by putting strands of material together so that they lock into place.  Almost like a door locks in place.  You can still unlock both.  A weavinguses right angles to lock.  A right angle looks like this: 
Click here to learn more about Weaving and to make your own project.
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