Third Grade - Art

Third Grade Art Lesson Week of May 26

For this weeks Lesson we are going to learn about Beatrix Potter.  This is a picture of her with her rabbit. Beatrix loved animals and would observe them and then draw them.  She is famous for her drawings in children's books like Peter Rabbit.  This is an illustration of Peter rabbit.  To see the video about her and to draw with me click on the drawing of Peter Rabbit.

Third Grade Art Week of May 18

John Gould is an artist that makes drawings and paintings of birds. 
We are going to make a drawing of a
bird called a Robin. 
These are a few of his paintings of birds.  
Click on the word Robin to draw your own Robin.

Third Grade Art Lesson Week of May 11

This week we are going to learn about Bridget Riley and her Op Art. Op Art creates an optical illusion or makes your brain see something that really isn't there.  Then you will see how to make a quick optical illusion of your own using pencil and paper. Click on the word "Op Art" below to see the video.  You can always send me a photo of your art work at [email protected] .  I would love to see them!

Third Grade Art Lesson Week of May 4

This is the artist Carole Clark.  She makes brightly colored paintings of different things.
Some of these things are birds, people, and dogs.

Third Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27

Many artists love their cats.  One artist made 40 art works of their cat to remember their cat.  Andy Warhol famously had 25 cats that he named Sam.  Cats can be found in many art works. You can discover more about cats in art and draw your own cats by looking at the video below Cats in a Barber Shop art work.
Third Grade Art Lesson Week of April 27 Video


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Third Grade Art Lesson Week of April 20

Lines are important because they are used to create shape, pattern, texture, space, and movement.  This is a drawing of a cube using line. We have drawn and added value to a circle in order to make it into a sphere before. Now we are going to use line to do the same thing but in a different way.  The lines fool your eyes so that the shape looks like a sphere not just a circle.Today you can watch the video and see how we can use lines to make a sphere.  Click on the word "SPHERE" below to see the video.  You can send any photos of art work you make to [email protected] I would love to see them!

Third Grade Lesson #3

 Click on the painting of the Still Life to see a Mrs. Murtha explain how to draw a still life.
 Click on the painting of a landscape and you can draw a still life for me and send the picture to me.  It's a lot of fun!
Paul Cezanne is called the Father of Modern Art.  He made a bridge between the Impressionists like Claude Monet and the abstract artists like Pablo Picasso.  Paul Cezanne is called a Post Impressionist artist.  He was born in France.  His father was a wealthy banker.  He didn't want him to be an artist.  He wanted him to be a lawyer.  But eventually he supported his son and helped him by giving him money.  Paul Cezanne drew and painted by using simple shapes.  Does this sound familiar?  I have told you many times to start with simple shapes if you are having a hard time drawing something.  Paul Cezanne was rarely happy with with his work.  Many times he left work unfinished or destroyed.  He was always learning and changing what he made.

Third Grade Lesson #2

Third Grade Lesson #2 2020329221020669_image.jpg
 Ansel Adams is an American photographer and environmentalist from California.  He went to school at home when he was in Elementary School and was taught by his parents for part of his childhood.  Ansel Adams first camera was called a Kodak Brownie Box Camera. These were a lot different then the cameras we have today.  Most people today use there phones to take pictures.  They are a lot smaller than this camera.
Ansel Adams began to take photographs by using his camera as a diary.  He took it with him on trips to the National Parks and used it to remeber the things he saw there.  Watch the Video Below about Ansel Adams by clicking on "ANSEL ADAMS"
Ansel Adams were famous because they didn't just show what he saw.  He started to applying different filters or photographic tools to change his photos.  Now we see the picture that he saw in his mind instead of just what he saw with his mind.  Click on the word "PHOTOGRAPHS" to see what Ansel Adams saw in his mind.
The first photograph that Ansel Adams made where he captured the picture he saw in his mind is called, "Moon and Half Dome".  He changes this photograph by applying different filters. (A glass that goes over the lens of a camera to make a change to the photo.) Click on the words "MOON AND HALF MOON" below to compare the photo that shows what his eye saw (yellow filter) and the photo that shows what his mind saw (red filter). Then slide the arrow at the bottom of the pictures to go from photograph to the other.
Click on the word"COMPARE" to write your answers

Third Grade Lesson #1

Third Grade Lesson #1 2020323111924867_image.jpg
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a museum in New York City.  It is also known as the Met.  Click on the word "Metkids" below to do various art kids with the Metropolitan Museum of Art 
 I love mysteries.  That is my favorite type of book to read.  This is one of my favorite web pages! Solve an art mystery by clicking on the word "MYSTERY" below.
This is a short video on spotting an art forgery.  Click on the word "Forgery" to see it.


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